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Thanks James and Matt, this is an interesting and useful resource and all the best in growing it,


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Surely its inappropriate to be positing an argument for appropriate use of English language at the same time as rejecting that same language for its unwanted imposition in a land and the subject it refers to?

Perhaps you should only be making this argument in the range of aboriginal languages and dialects its trying to empathise with.

Its also inaccurate to suggest that all people who arrived immediately after predominantly indigenous population were colonisers. The majority were genuinely “pioneers”, “explorers” and the like - seeking discovery, prosperity and new life on a land in the same way that “indigenous” Australians did tens of thousands of years earlier … for their own relative prosperity, survival and discovery of new lands.

To deny or argue against that truth is to ignore fundamental realities of human movement throughout the history of homo erectus on the place we call planet Earth.

The kind of rhetoric you’re putting forward does nothing for the advancement, peace of mind or education of humankind.

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